Sign up !! New endurance race in S’pore !!

Hello….. hello…. ???
is anyone out there?

It’s been a while since I last used this blogsite.
Just wondering if you guys still have this tagged.

By the way, Stanchart organises a 42km marathon in Dec SAF has a 21km run in Sept (called the SAFRA bay run).
The Singapore police force and prison service should organise one too.

MS biathalon.
15 km jungle trek starting in Bukit Timah followed by a 1.1km swim ending in Skudai, JB.
MS not Morgan Stanley.
Mas Selamat lah……


Please Pay Ah Kong by 15th April 2008 (Tues)

Singapore has one of the easiest, if not the easiest, tax filing system in the world.
Pls filing your taxes by the due date.
Else you will kena lim kopi @ IRAS (I‘ll Rip ur ASs)

You have been warned.

You must be joking …..

Peng Yews, promotions are occasions for celebration.
Well, not all……

I’ve only served 3 in camps since I RODed in 1992.
2 high key and 1 range.
I only have 3 more years to go before I hit 40 and I’m done with SAF.

Then I kena this letter yesterday……… shocking.

Lan lan….. more work during reservist.
2SG is a bloody Encik appointment in my unit.
Hopefully no extension beyond 40 years old.

Congratulations?  I don’t think so.
NB !!

p/s for those who don’t know, HQ Guards means I am a security guard jagahing gates in the army.

I am not my car (Part 2)

I posted “I am not my car” almost 3 years ago.

I still think buying car in Singapore is a bloody waste of money.
A depreciating asset that lines gahmen coffers only to be lost in ridiculous / mindless investments like Shincorp, UBS, Citigroup etc…….
I also continue to believe that, unlike many Singaporeans, my self worth is not pegged to the make of my car.

But recently, I’ve been visiting car showrooms.
Yep, looking for a new car.
Just in case you’re wondering if I’ve lost my way in this materialistic world……

Reasons for buying new car:

1. Mazda 3 is too small to fit Meekia’s booster seat, pram and bags of barang (maciam going for war like that) + 4 adults.

2. Traffic jams in Singapore have become so bad that I get butt ache sitting in my car.  Age is catching up……. I need something more cushy to support my butt and my back.

I’ve narrowed my choices down to 3 cars.
The finalists are…..

Honda Accord 2008 (2.4 litres)

Toyota Camry 2007(2.4 litres)

Mazda 6 2008 (2.5 litres)

They were chosen for the space they afford and the dependability of their engines + lower cost of maintenance.
Also for their price range at about $100k.

Again, my mum asked me to buy a BMW when I told her I was looking for a new car.
Again, I said “no”.
Again, she’s asked me where my money went.
Again, I chose not to answer.

Wonder what she’d have said if she knew the money I’ve tithed @ church and given to charities in the past 6 years could have bought a brand new …..


I’d encourage you, my friends, to give generously to good causes.
The impact you make with your money is permanent and may last generations.
Money spent on a car, well, has a lifespan of a blood sucking COE.

Meepok and Meekia …..

Took this pic over the weekend.
Do you guys think Meekia looks like me?

Meekia has MHAF’s eyes  (luckily)….. so me blocking my eyes out doesn’t make a diff 🙂

Have they tried looking for him here …..

Came across this pic.

Maybe our friend is in Batu Pahat.
This place is in Malaysia and should ring a bell.
It’s the hometown for the Health Minister sex VCD scandal a few months back.

Financial Traps In Singapore


I wrote to ST Forum in response to their article on Sunday re people who kena or run the risk of kena-ing bankrupted because they spent on stuff they can ill afford.

Hope none of the readers of my blog fall into this category.

Read on…..


I refer to your Sunday Times article “Trapped by lure of the high life”.


I am disturbed yet not surprised by the prevalence of financial problems caused by over-stretching of credit amongst Singaporeans.


Perhaps the relevant authorities should review policies that may have created “financial traps” for those who are financially less savvy and hence less prudent.


One example is hire purchase schemes. 

It has been advertised that one can hire purchase up to 10 times of one’s monthly salary.

Such installment schemes create an artificial sense of affordability of high priced items like large screen high definition LCD TVs. 

Worse still, the interest rates for these schemes range from 6-12%, depending on the purchase value and length of payment.

For a person earning $2,000 per month, taking a $20,000 hire purchase could cripple him financially if he loses his job.


Other financial traps include “zero dollar down” car loans, deferred payment schemes for houses and “easy credit” facilities offered by banks.


For starters, maybe it is time for the government to step in to protect those of the lower income group.

Based on one’s NRIC number, set limits of personal credit lines and hire purchase based on say, 4 times, of monthly salary.

For car loans, for those earning less than $2,000 per month, a guarantor is needed.

This may deter these people from over-stretching themselves financially and stem a growing social problem.


Words of financial wisdom from my grandpa: “If you don’t have enough cash in the bank to pay for one-third of the item you want to buy, you will still not be able to afford it even if you take a long term loan.”


Cliché but true.

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